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Enterprise disaster recovery: 3 common scenarios


What is Disaster recovery (DR)? This is a section of security preparation which has the function of protecting an organization from any malicious activity. The disaster recoveryenables the organization to sustain or rapidly resume the normal functioning after a disaster.
Three common cloud DR scenarios:


Data Backup:
talking of this, it is the simplest form of cloud DR; that resembles tape backup. This type guarantees a backup which is basically a file server data that can be reestablished or retrieved from the data center at the cloud supplier, when needed. Clear concerns of this particular scenario are network latency and data repair performance.
Backup suppliers avail WAN optimization, compression, de-duplication and other tactics to reduce the restore time, though another important aspect when considering performance is the physical distance that exists between secondary and primary sites.

Also, there exist another option of backing up data locally for the purpose of quick restore and possess a secondary backup at the cloud to act as another coating of protection. If data is to be backed up in cloud locally, then compliance and security are considerations to be taken into account when dealing with data encryption and user authentication that is at rest or on transit.

Data and Submission Failover:
Usually, this is done using IaaS providers, like DataPipe, though there exists other readily available solutions which are third-party. Here, a second utilization of the submission runs constantly in the cloud that has replicated data to the cloud supplier.
On the other hand, both application cases can function in the cloud even if they have distinct cloud providers. Suppose a failure occurs or the system shuts down in the main application for the purpose of maintenance, the application failover directs the users towards secondary site application and data.
For a smooth functioning of this scenario, it’s vital that there occurs a matching at both sites in terms of updates, software and hardware. Also, latency and bandwidth are very crucial too because users may develop the need to instantly access data and secondary data center application.

VM Backup:
We spoke to Data Analyzers about what some of their clients have implemented In this particular scenario, there is a complete replication of the virtual machine images with VMware, to the cloud, which also includes data. This scenario can be of use in cases where there is no virtualization of primary deployment.
The advantage of it is that there is no need for marching of hardware and neither exists the need to track and manage updates at both ends. Here, cloud virtual image becomes inactive almost all the time and only becomes active and accessed when primary site description is inaccessible.
Apart from the capabilities and features of DR, there needs to be consideration of cost, security, latency, connection distance and bandwidth on all the three scenarios. Above all, three is need to consult a professional cloud consultant to advice you before you install a cloud backup and recovery solution for your business.

Best Smart phone to buy in 2018




Many people rely on their smart phones for a number of different functions. These phones can act as a personal assistant and has many different internet capabilities. A person relies on their smart phone to help them with many different tasks. Some of these smart phones are easier to use than others. These are the absolute best smart phones for 2018.



 Apple iPhone 7 Plus

This iPhone runs on the IOS 10 operating system. It has a fast processing speed of 2.33 GHz. This phone has a larger screen than previous iphone models. The screen is 5.5 incehs so a person can see what they are doing. The iphone has six hours of batter life and can allow a person to access the internet from wherever they are. The iphone 7 also has upgraded Siri to allow a person to complete more things hands free.

 Blu Life One X

This smart phone runs on the Android 5.1 operating system. The phone has a large screen as well as a front and rear camera. This phone has a fast processing speed and a person can access the internet without a problem. The phone comes factory unlocked so a person can select the carrier of their choice.

 HTC 10

This HTC phone runs off of the Android 6.0 operating system as well as the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820. The phone has one of the best resolutions and is 2,569 by 1,440 pixels which will allow a person to see things in bright and vibrant colors. The phone has six hours of battery life before needed to be recharged. This phone is great for those that like to view things on a larger screen a light bright color when they are looking at the screen of their smart phone.

 Motorola Moto Z Force Droid

This Motorola smart phone is another great model for those that like a larger screen. This screen is 5.5 inches so a person will be able to clearly see the content. It runs on the Android 6 operating system as well as the Qualcomm Snapdragon. This system is updated often so a person can enjoy the latest features. This phone can last just shy of 6 hours without having to be recharged and can access the internet without a problem.

 Samsung Galaxy 7

This is the one of the newer models of the Galaxy from the Samsung company. This is another smart phone that runs on the Android 6 operating system. This phone can last 10

How to prevent data loss from your iPhone?

Looking to copy all your music easily? Worried about how you can go about creating a copy of your iTunes library? Unlike Windows, Apple is a bit restrictive and you would want to ensure that you’ve it right.

As a disaster prevention solution there are a few steps you can take. If you have ever wondered whether you could transfer your entire iTunes library to a USB Drive and carry all your important files like music and photos with you, then the answer is yes, you can absolutely do that!

Why should you transfer?

There are several reasons why you might want to transfer your iTunes Library onto a USB Drive.

  1. You get to carry all your important files with you, no matter where you’re going.
  2. If you have limited drive space, then this option can be particularly helpful to you.

How to prevent data loss from your iPhone?

Let’s start transferring the iTunes library:

If you have the USB drive ready, then just read the following steps to easily transfer your iTunes Library onto the USB which will help you retain your useful data without taking up extra drive space.

Step 1: Open up iTunes and select the ‘Advanced’ option.

Step 2: To find out the present location look below the ‘iTunes Media Folder Location’ and then copy that path.

Step 3: Now move to the iTunes Library File Path, through the Finder on Mac, that you shall find most likely find at the location given below

~/Music / iTunes/

Step 4: Connect the USB to which you want to transfer the iTunes library to.

Step 5: From ~/Music / iTunes/ copy the iTunes Media Folder to the USB by just dragging and dropping it. Don’t do anything until the transfer is complete.

Don’t do anything until the transfer is complete.

Step 6: Open iTunes again and below the iTunes Media Folder Location click on the Change option to choose the new location.

Step 7: Now open the iTunes Media Folder that you just copied on the USB drive.

Step 8: Now click Ok to finish the process.

Note: Please remember that in order to successfully transfer the iTunes Library onto a USB Drive, the drive must be properly connected to the computer, no matter what you are trying to transfer. They are very tiny devices and extremely cost effective and have more than enough space to save up huge iTunes libraries. If you’re transferring the library to create more space in the hard drive, then delete the iTunes Media from the main hard drive, once the transfer is complete.

Usually, the best place to transfer your entire iTunes library is to a USB Drive since it is faster and unnecessary lags that can crop up traditional external hard drives can be avoided easily. It’s also a great way to ensure that you never lose out on the music you love.

Top Antivirus Programs for 2017

Recent studies indicate that 1 in 10 websites are infested with viruses and other harmful elements, which can make any computer take a downfall in different aspects. Many people rely on free anti-virus software that comes with Windows or Internet Explorer. However, these programs do not represent adequate protection against the growing list of digital threats. For this reason, it is suggested to install professional grade antivirus on computers. Thankfully, there are many effective antivirus programs to protect you, but there are a few, in particular, that are standing out at the moment due to their effectiveness, low cost, and innovation (below).

Top Antivirus Programs for 2017

Norton Security Deluxe 2017

It is without a doubt that Norton has always stood out meaningfully from the competition, which is why it is one of the top leaders in antivirus program solutions. Every year, Norton programs sell like hotcakes, and it doesn’t seem like this is going to stop anytime soon. The Norton Deluxe 2017 provides you with file cleanup facility, disk optimizer, password manager, and a more precise virus scanning experience.

McAfee Total Protection 2017

This program has a very valuable file lock, which is a data vault that will protect your files from a variety of different harmful elements, including ransomware. McAfee has always stood out for providing virus protection at an affordable cost, and this year is not the exception. It can capture and delete even the most dangerous threats known at the moment.

ESET Internet Security 10

If you are looking for an affordable option that will provide the highest-quality of protection, ESET is your best bet. It provides call filtering, which is a mobile security option that cannot be found in other programs that are out there. It can keep your devices well-protected all year long.

Noteworthy Tips

Every day new threats to digital security arise, which is why updating our protection programs is mandatory. Updating them every 3 or 4 days is a healthy habit. Occasionally, a virus escapes the active protection of the antivirus and infects the system. Scheduling daily scans of the entire hard drive can be invaluable in detecting, isolating, and deleting harmful programs. Some viruses operate by adding external devices. Windows users can disable the auto-run function by following the operating system version.

Sometimes through distraction, users end up clicking’ on attachments they receive via email, even knowing that it is a risky action. Once this is done, the result may not be visible at the moment, but a virus or trojan may be acting in the computer’s memory, recording and stealing sensitive information.

Check URL Information to Stay 100% Safe

The main browsers have protection mechanisms that notify when you approach a potentially harmful website. However, it is vital to be careful when sharing personal information over the Internet. Always check if the page that you are on can be trusted. Check if the URL is from the organization or company. Some hackers installsite with a design identical to the original to confuse. If you follow the previously mentioned, you’ll be just fine!

What Is Flash NAND Memory?

There are many storage devices in the market. We use them to store data.These devices vary in efficiency and storage capabilities. The come with different features which determine their functionality. They feature different technology. One of the most popular storage technology being used today is Flash NAND memory. But before we proceed, let’s first understand the meaning of flash NAND memory.

Flash NAND Memory is a type of non-volatile storage technology with the ability to retain data without using power. This makes it stand out from other storage technologies.

The development of Flash NAND memory comes with a number of benefits. It has reduced the cost per bit of data.In addition, it has increased chip capacity. Chips can now store sufficient data. They can now compete with magnetic storage devices such as hard disks which are known to store huge amount of data.

This impressive technology is currently being used in many devices. It works best in devices where large files are being uploaded on frequent basis. Some of the devices which rely on Flash NAND memory technology include USB drives, MP3 player, and digital camera.

It is important to note that NAND has a particular number of write cycles. Its cells fail gradually as you continue using it. Eventually, the overall performance of the flash memory declines. Wear out is the term that is commonly used to describe this process. The problem can be dealt with by overprovisioning the system. This is where vendors include more memory than the recommended one. When cells wear out, still there will be more to offer the desired performance over a long period of time.

The most impressive thing about this exciting technology is that when NAND card wears out, the device continues to function. The only thing that the user will be required to do is to buy a new card. Manufactures have reduced the cost of this wonderful technology to a considerable level. This explains why prices of electronic devices that use Flash NAND memory technology has been reducing in the recent past.

Manufactures are now making chips that are much smaller than the previous ones. They have also increased the write-read cycles. On top of that, demand for voltage has also been reduced substantially.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, you now understand the meaning of Flash NAND memory. This technology will help users of devices such as camera and USB drives to store large quantity of data. People should therefore embrace it.


It always reaches a time when one becomes lazy and at the same time is required to fix a computer here is how you do it. First of all you must give your PC a bit of rest as it cools down. If you are the type of person who rarely turns of his or her computer then the PC either begins to hang or even starts to overheat the best problem solver at that moment is to just switch the device of and unplug it from the switch in order for it not to spoil. If it is a laptop you can even remove its battery that is after holding the power button for some seconds. After some time reinsert the plug and open your computer.

The next thing you do is that you monitor if your PC become very hot, in this case you will be required to open up the CPU which in simple terms is the central processing unit. You first shut down the computer, and then take off any metallic object on your body either the jewellery or the ring on your fingers. This is in order for you to avoid being shocked or even causing sparks when you have opened up the cabinet, another thing you should not do is to wear clothing that produces a lot of static electricity as the sparks can cause damage to the hardware.

Diagnose the computer; most PC’s these days come with an in built diagnosis. First you power off your PC then after a while you power it back up, if either your computer is HP or Dell you are given instructions on what to press for it to immediately start up. Write down the error codes and look them up in the internet and if it’s hard consult the computer technician you know. The next thing you do is to open the CPU cabinet and look for temperature of metal chassis, if it’s temperature is high then the problem there is related to a heat issue.

The next thing you do is to check the device drivers, in most cases when one installs some of the applications and driver which in most cases leads to computer freezing and hanging. To avoid this you can check and even monitor the status of the divers. This is by looking at the device manager, if you see any yellow exclamation next to a device then there is a problem with the drivers.