7 Tips on How to Customize Your Computer

Do you want to know how to customize your computer? Most of us spend a lot of hours on our computers. That’s during our office or business hours. That means you should consider customizing your computer. It enables you to be productive as a result of the appealing desktop.

However, you should keep in mind that it can lead to problems with your system, for example, when changing system files. That means you should make sure you backup your data when setting out to customize your computer. This guide gives you 7 tips on how to customize your computer. They are:

Overhaul the Computer Skin

  • One way to customize your screen is by overhauling its skin. That’s by using the many system-wide skins available.
  • They include transparent looks or those that change your system to look similar to others. However, you should keep in mind that as you overhaul your computers skin, you also backup its contents.

Desktop Effects

  • Use apps that create appealing desktop effects. That’s because they give the option to install animations on your screen that can also be built-in.

Change or Add Your Favorite Features

  • Another tip on how to customize your computer is by changing or adding your favorite features. They include your computer settings, built-in menus and fonts.
  • Remember we all have our different visual preferences.

Web Sites

  • Another tip on customizing your computer is to save websites that you regularly visit. That’s because you spend a lot of time checking them out.

Change Your Icons

  • You may have ugly icons on some apps. That means you should consider customizing them into images that you can enjoy viewing.
  • Keep in mind that changing these apps is relatively easy, for example, for an individual app.

New Wall Papers

  • Another tip when setting out to customize your window is by changing default wallpapers into those that you enjoy seeing.
  • Consider choosing those that give you inspiration or motivation.

Custom Dock

  • You should also consider installing a custom dock. They can either be functional or aesthetic docks.

How to Go About It

  • You should ensure you customize your computer in ways that you will enjoy using it. That means you should first all find out your tastes. If you prefer nature walks, you should consider having wallpapers that have nature trail features, for example, trees.
  • Backup your computer data before customizing. That’s because you may end up losing data when carrying out this task. One tip is by downloading apps in the market that enables you to backup data.
  • Consider downloading app with appealing icons. That lets you enjoy using them without having to change their icons regularly.
  • Ensure you purchase quality and attractive computer monitors. That’s because ugly ones won’t let enjoy using them. Choose those that guarantee appealing and brightly lit features.
  • Check your computer manufacturer’s return policies. That’s because you may need replacements in the event it gets damaged as you attempt to customize.


The above guide on how to customize your computer should make you consider customizing yours. Ensure you backup your data and download apps with appealing icons.

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