Best Smart phone to buy in 2018




Many people rely on their smart phones for a number of different functions. These phones can act as a personal assistant and has many different internet capabilities. A person relies on their smart phone to help them with many different tasks. Some of these smart phones are easier to use than others. These are the absolute best smart phones for 2018.



 Apple iPhone 7 Plus

This iPhone runs on the IOS 10 operating system. It has a fast processing speed of 2.33 GHz. This phone has a larger screen than previous iphone models. The screen is 5.5 incehs so a person can see what they are doing. The iphone has six hours of batter life and can allow a person to access the internet from wherever they are. The iphone 7 also has upgraded Siri to allow a person to complete more things hands free.

 Blu Life One X

This smart phone runs on the Android 5.1 operating system. The phone has a large screen as well as a front and rear camera. This phone has a fast processing speed and a person can access the internet without a problem. The phone comes factory unlocked so a person can select the carrier of their choice.

 HTC 10

This HTC phone runs off of the Android 6.0 operating system as well as the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820. The phone has one of the best resolutions and is 2,569 by 1,440 pixels which will allow a person to see things in bright and vibrant colors. The phone has six hours of battery life before needed to be recharged. This phone is great for those that like to view things on a larger screen a light bright color when they are looking at the screen of their smart phone.

 Motorola Moto Z Force Droid

This Motorola smart phone is another great model for those that like a larger screen. This screen is 5.5 inches so a person will be able to clearly see the content. It runs on the Android 6 operating system as well as the Qualcomm Snapdragon. This system is updated often so a person can enjoy the latest features. This phone can last just shy of 6 hours without having to be recharged and can access the internet without a problem.

 Samsung Galaxy 7

This is the one of the newer models of the Galaxy from the Samsung company. This is another smart phone that runs on the Android 6 operating system. This phone can last 10

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  1. alfred barns

    technology are fast changing, the best smart phones are the one you need rather than you want, be smart to buy.

  2. Teddy Cornell

    i bought iphone 7s as a gift to myself, im very much impress on it, performance i am satisfied.

  3. Hiede Webster

    Blu Life One X, don’t like the logo, never hear that phone before.


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